For Adversiter

We are aware of your needs

And we have tools to help you achieve your goals.

What are your possibilities?

• We can plan activities in any format of your choice.
• We will be happy to accept typically image-related projects such as rebranding or creation of branding identity from scratch.
• Our programmers and graphic designers will create a personalised website for you as well as entire visual identity – business cards, advertisement folders and gadgets.
• Together, we will plan an advertisement campaign taking into account your vision and action plan.
• We will also manage your image campaign in the social media.h.

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    Mobile apps

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    Corporate identity

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    Email marketing

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    Branding identity

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    Display marketing

E-mail marketing

We have a large database of our own as well as external databases with the possibility of targeting.
Our resource includes such databases as:
• parenting
• lifestyle
• consumer

Display marketing

We offer various possibilities of emitting display campaigns. We have approximately 200 own or external websites, influencers and bloggers, ready to start cooperation.

We are flexible

We will be happy to accept non-standard orders and non-cliché image campaigns.

We are independent.

The decision is solely up to you, being the advertiser. You will have access to a group of selected services, websites and blogs and you can choose only the space you are interested in.
You have a direct impact on executing the budget and optimising the campaign in terms of conversion.

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